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    We're Calling It 15 Pics That Prove It's Not Over For Scott And Kourtney

    The relationship between Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick has always been a fan favorite. We all loved seeing it flourish. They were great together before they had their kids, but seeing their children come into the world was just the icing on the cake. They seemed like they had the perfect relationship and the sweetest family.

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    One of the best parts about this relationship is that we got to see so much of their personal lives. We can thank Keeping Up with the Kardashians for that! The publicity could have something to do with where this couple is today. Everyone was obsessed with them and wanted to see more and more.

    Unfortunately-as things go for many celeb couples-their marriage came to an end in October 2015. This came as a shock to us fans. Some of us probably wouldn't have believed it had it not been shared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We would have just disregarded it as a rumor until some official news broke.

    Scott and Kourtney did truly call it quits though, but how legitimate was this breakup? The exes seem very friendly with each other, and there have been plenty of pictures to prove it. We think they might get back together, if they aren't already.

    15 Family Movie Night

    This picture was taken in January 2016, which was a few short months after the couple split. In the image, we can see Scott and Kourtney are out with their two oldest children. They were going to a family movie together. This is super sweet, and we're glad the parents could hold it together. Relationships don't always end this way.

    We just feel like this picture makes them look a little bit too comfortable, especially since they had just broken up less than four months prior. We understand if they want to keep things civil for their children. They did mention co-parenting, which might be going on here. It just seems like Scott and Kourtney are getting along better than they should be after going through a divorce. We're not complaining though!

    14 Keeping It Together

    In an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians in February 2017, Scott had a conversation with Khloe. He spoke about Kourtney and the feelings he still had for her. He said, "I will never be over her, she's the love of my life.” Anyone who has ever broken up with someone can say that this type of message is rare. Sure, some relationships can end on good terms. Even those don't always have sincere words like these though.

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    Additionally, this quote from Scott was paired with a picture of him and Kourtney getting a little bit cozy on a couch. We don't know for sure, but most people would not like to get that close to their exes. Maybe they just don't hold any grudges or something. Regardless, it seems like something could be happening there.

    13 Jokes At Her Expense

    Some of us ladies can say that we wouldn't put on a face mask around just anyone. The same goes for no makeup looks or when we first wake up. All of this is why we are kind of surprised to see Kourtney in a face mask in a photo that Scott posted on Instagram.

    Now, we can say that this isn't a big deal because the two were together for so long. Nonetheless, this is a lot friendlier than exes tend to get. Not to mention, Kourtney is in a bathrobe. Few of us would be comfortable wearing nothing but a bathrobe around an ex.

    Scott and Kourtney are just so close to each other, and it makes us think that there's still something there. We're definitely still hopeful!

    12 On The Road Again

    Here we can see that Scott and Kourtney are traveling together somewhere. This is somewhat strange, as it was over a year after they called it quits. Again, they have hit us with the co-parenting strategy.

    We aren't here to say that they aren't co-parenting. They just appear to be doing it so peacefully that it's getting suspicious. Not to mention, they also spend a lot more time together than we would expect from two exes who are caring for their children.

    The kids didn't even make it in this picture, so we have no proof that they were even there. That would help us to be sure that they truly are co-parenting. Plus, who really wants to take a selfie with their ex of all people? These two must be up to something!

    11 Poolside Play Time

    Another level of co-parenting is addressed in the vacations that Scott and Kourtney take their kids on. Of course, they have a lot more money than any of us do. Their jobs are less restrictive, too. They can afford to take trips-and plenty of them! This might lead to a misunderstanding about how co-parenting and traveling works. Maybe we just don't get it!

    The big deal here is that Scott and Kourtney seem to spend a lot of one-on-one time on these trips, like they are in this picture. This was taken when the family went to Cabo. As we can see-or not-the children just aren't seen. There are a handful of photos in this series that show the exes interacting with each other without the kids around.

    10 Vacations… Together

    Yet again, we see Scott and Kourtney spending time with each other. The kids very well could have been outside of the picture, but it's not likely. Why wouldn't Scott include the kids in this picture as well?

    Scott posted this picture on Instagram in July of 2016. His caption mentioned him trying to “catch this snapper,” which was Kourtney on Snapchat. It's a cute, cheesy joke. It doesn't seem fitting for two people who just broke up though, so it is a little suspicious.

    They are spending time one-on-one. Scott is taking pictures of Kourtney. He's sharing the said pictures-which he does quite often. He's adding captions that hint at him trying to “catch” her. It seems like something might be going on that we don't know about!

    9 Sharing Special Moments

    This picture was taken when Scott and Kourtney were on the way to the hospital to see Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's baby, Dream. The baby was born in November 2016, which is just a year after Kourtney and Scott broke things off.

    Scott and Kourtney were both going to the hospital at the same time and ended up driving together. This means that they must be talking regularly and are on pretty good terms. We can't imagine asking an ex if they want to go see a relative's baby. It would just be awkward.

    Either these two have got breakups figured out, or they're still basically together. They seemed to have a decent friendship or ex-relationship going on, which probably increases the chances that they'll be reconciling sometime soon.

    8 Who Hangs With Their Ex Like This?

    We've found another example of Scott posting pictures of his ex, paired with a cute or corny caption. This isn't typically ex behavior, and that's why it's just so shocking. Here, we can see that Scott and Kourtney are hanging out on the wing of a plane. He calls Kourtney his “fly or die.”

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    We can assume that these two were on their way to another family vacation, which seems to be a staple for the Kardashian-Disick children. Of course, the kids aren't pictured. Then, Scott has to throw in that caption. If she's truly his “fly or die,” we think they should be officially together. Why wouldn't he want to be with his “fly or die” anyway?

    Regardless of what's going on between them, it's a super cute picture!

    7 Coupled Up Captions

    A year after Kourtney and Scott broke up, she posted a selfie of them skiing together. We have already decided that these exes aren't like normal exes. They spend a lot of time together and take a ton of pictures with each other, too. They share these publicly, which just fuels our desires for them to get back together.

    To keep things neutral, Kourtney captioned the photo “Mom and Dad.” Now, we are just guessing that she did this as a way to prevent any fans from going crazy over the two and the hopes that they will get back together. This is simply impossible to avoid, because the caption didn't stop any fans from commenting! Maybe they're really being parents right here, but we just don't see the kids.

    6 Kourt Celebrates Daddy's Day With Scott

    This picture was taken in June of 2016, which was roughly nine months after the two split. This doesn't seem long at all, but it was apparently long enough for Scott and Kourtney. They seemed to be on good terms immediately after they broke things off, so it makes sense that they would be able to make this work.

    In this photo, we can see that this family of five is at the zoo. They look exactly like an average family and not one where the parents had just gone through a divorce. They seem totally civil, and maybe that's for the sake of the kids.

    This is also Father's Day. We get why Kourtney would tag along, but Scott easily could have done something with just the kids, right?

    5 Insta Party

    We can say that every good parent should be at their child's birthday party. That's probably what Kourtney and Scott were thinking when they planned the party and made sure both parents would be there. Of course, this picture gets fans all excited about a Kourtney and Scott reboot.

    The alternative would lead to questions as to whether or not Scott was present, so maybe this was a good idea. Nonetheless, we're glad that both parents were there. It helps the kids to have them around, but it does seem a little bit odd how often this happens. This is one of those situations where it makes sense for them to all be together at one time. It just continues to lengthen the list of times they've spent together post-breakup.

    4 What's On His Mind?

    Before we get into the details of this picture, we do need to admire Kourtney's body. She is looking good, especially after having a few kids. This is a pretty good reason for Scott to snap a picture of her and post it on Instagram.

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    The surprise here is that the two were broken up when he took this picture. It was posted a year after their split. It's not clear what exactly is going on between them, but it seems like it has got to be different than just co-parenting.

    Not only did he take the picture, but they had to be somewhere together in order for that to happen. Some of us couldn't even stand to be in the same state as our ex, let alone the same swimming pool!

    3 The Co-Parenting Excuse

    Here's the family on another vacation-this time, they're in Malibu, California. This was in June of 2016. Again, this isn't too long after they officially split. There seems to be no problems between them whatsoever though. They seem like they're totally fine and even happy to be together-but separate.

    We wouldn't expect Scott and Kourtney to go on so many trips together. With nannies and other relatives, they should have plenty of helping hands if Kourtney wanted to go solo with the little ones.

    Every time that their time together is questioned, they go back to co-parenting. We didn't know how involved that gig was, but maybe they really are choosing to spend time together on these trips. If they were co-parenting like they've said, they likely wouldn't be getting along so well or so often.

    2 Happy Birthday Scott

    We can't speak for everyone, but many of us wouldn't find ourselves at an ex's birthday celebration-even if we ended on good terms. Now, Las Vegas is known for being a total blast. Everyone is partying and drinking. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Maybe that's Kourtney's mentality here and her reason to attend Scott's party.

    Well, we were pretty surprised to find Kourtney-and a sister or two-at Scott's birthday party in Las Vegas. Later, it was rumored that the two even left the party together. It was caught in a picture that they were leaving with each other.

    Maybe it doesn't count, because they were really in Las Vegas. It still seems a little bit strange that those two would be at the party together.

    1 Trick Or Treat

    This picture is super cute! The whole family is decked out in superhero costumes for Halloween. Even if Scott and Kourtney can't work things out romantically, they seem to be pretty coordinated otherwise-like with their Halloween costumes.

    Again, this is likely just their way of keeping things normal for the kids. They want their kids to have an average family experience, even if mom and dad aren't together anymore. We can applaud them for doing their best here!

    Still, we do think it seems odd that Scott and Kourtney are spotted together so often and never seem belligerent with one another. We'd think there would be some bad blood somewhere-unless they just fight it out in private. Is this a sign that they might be getting back together?

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